Five Reasons To Refinish Your Bathtub

If your old bathtub is looking dingy and stained, don’t simply replace it. Refinishing the tub may be a better option. 1. Appearance Improvement One of the most immediate and striking things to expect is the instant improvement to the appearance of your bathtub. If you have been living with a worn out tub for awhile, the change will make the whole bathroom look like new. You can even change the color of the tub when you have it refinished, which means you can update that old cream or yellow bathtub to a  much more modern white.

Four Flood Cleanup Mistakes To Avoid

Whether the flood damage affects the entire lower level of your home from a severe storm or it is in a localized area from a burst pipe, prompt and proper action is needed to ensure there are no long-lasting problems from the flood waters. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made when it comes to flood damage cleanup. Knowing what they are can help you avoid issues. Mistake #1: Putting Off the Problem