Tips To Help You Get Through A Power Outage To Your Area

Electricity in your home is a great convenience that is available to you with a simple switch. However, there are some occasional disturbances that can disrupt power to your home, especially in an emergency situation. With weather-related issues and extreme weather, the cause of most power outages, becoming more and more common, you should prepare yourself to deal with this type of emergency situation. Here are some tips to help you deal effectively and make it through a power outage in your area and to your home.

Prepare For an Emergency

Preparation for a weather-related power outage is one of the best ways to make the situation easier and you more likely to get through it without incident. Collect a household stock of supplies for a power outage, such as flashlights, extra batteries, kerosene lamps, and oil candles.

You should also consider your needs to keep warm if an outage occurs in winter. Even if your home is set up on gas-powered heat, your furnace will need electricity to run. Keep extra warm clothing and blankets or firewood and a wood-burning stove. Keep foods you can prepare that don't require electricity to cook and a supply of drinking water. If the weather-related incident has knocked out power to the water company or flooding renders the local water supply unusable, you will need to have a backup plan.

Check With Your Power Company

When the power goes out, call your local power company to find out information about the outage or to alert them to it, especially if you are the only one affected in your neighborhood due to a downed tree in your yard. Often, if the outage covers a specific area, your power company will leave an automated message on their line to advise customers about the event.

Sit tight and follow any instructions your power company has provided to you. For example, if you have reported a downed power line on your street, stay away from the line. A downed power line is likely live with electricity and can kill you if you touch it.

Understand the Restoration Process 

Your power company will work quickly to restore power to its customers as quickly as possible. They will begin to repair the electrical distribution system, working with the largest supply lines first. For example, they will work to restore power through the large transmission lines that supply power to large metro areas, then their substation equipment, then main distribution lines, and then local distribution lines. Last, they will restore the service lines and transformers going directly to your home, if needed.

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