Can Smoke Damage Restoration Services Save Everything After A Minor House Fire?

Even when a house fire does not really destroy the things you own, it may still affect your entire house because of the smoke that a house fire produces. If you just had a small fire in your house, you should contact a company that offers smoke damage restoration services to find out exactly what items they can save after a house fire.

They Can Treat Most Things

Even if most of your things were not destroyed by the fire, they may still all have smoke damage. Smoke from even a small kitchen fire can quickly spread through an entire house, leaving everything in a home contaminated. The good news is that if the fire did not destroy much, you probably will not lose a lot, mainly because most items you own can be treated and saved through smoke damage restoration services.

There Are Certain Things You Must Get Rid Of

While a company that offers smoke damage restoration services can save most things, there are things they will automatically throw away while completing their work. The first category of goods they will dispose of immediately is food. Any food you had in your home during the fire must be thrown away, as it is not safe to eat after being exposed to soot and smoke. Secondly, they will throw away items made of plastic in your kitchen. This includes cups, utensils, and bowls. Plastic kitchenware tends to absorb the chemicals in smoke, making the items unsafe to use. Finally, they will throw away medicines you had in your house during the fire, as these too are unsafe to consume after being exposed to smoke.

What You Should Expect

If you just had a house fire and are dealing with smoke damage, you may have to move out of your house for a few weeks or months while a contractor fixes your home and treats it for smoke damage. During this time, the company handling the smoke damage restoration services may have to move everything out of your house to treat it in a warehouse. The good news with this is that you will get your stuff back. The bad news is that it may take a few weeks or months before this happens.

If you need help after a house fire, you should call a company that offers smoke damage restoration services, as they can offer expert services for your home and personal belongings.