How To Tell If The Crawl Space Under Your House Needs To Be Waterproofed

If your home has a crawl space, it can develop water problems just like a basement. Older homes with crawl spaces were sometimes designed in a way that allows humid conditions in the space due to the way the air is vented to the outside. You could even create a water problem yourself if you create a dam with landscaping materials. Anything that can cause a wet basement can cause a wet crawl space. Here are some signs your crawl space needs to be waterproofed.

When The Space Is Wet After It Rains

If you notice standing water on the floor after it rains, then that's an abnormal condition you'll want to fix. Water puddles increase humidity in the space because it takes them so long to dry out when the sun can't reach them. Water on the floor could indicate a problem with drainage and the solution might be to install a drain or sump pump. Something as simple as altering the ground around your house might help too. There are different crawl space waterproofing methods to consider, but something should be done to keep water out from under your house.

When The Floor Is Made Of Soil

If your crawl space is built on bare soil rather than on a slab, then the space is likely to have problems with humidity and dampness. Moisture seeps up through the soil and sometimes it's enough to make the floor wet and other times it's just enough to add humidity to the space that contributes to condensation. If your home also has a vent to the outside that lets in outside air, the condensation problem could be even worse. One solution is to encapsulate the crawl space. This involves covering the floor and walls with a membrane that keeps moisture from rising from the soil and mixing with the air. The air in the room can then be treated with a dehumidifier to keep the space dry.

When Your Home Smells Musty Or Has Bugs

The air in your crawl space affects your entire home since air circulates between the two. You might suspect the crawl space as a water problem if your home smells musty and you can't find any water leaks or water damage inside the house. The only way to eliminate the odor is to dry out the crawl space and waterproof it so it stays dry. Another indication of a water problem in your home is the presence of pests. If you see a lot of roaches, silverfish, or other bugs, it can be a sign there is too much humidity or a water leak somewhere that's attracting them.

A waterproofing contractor can assess the situation in your crawl space and recommend the right treatment for keeping it dry. The space should be just as dry as any other room in your home and it may take multiple approaches to reach that goal.