Four Signs You Should Have Your Home Inspected For Hidden Mold

You might assume that if you do not see mold, your home is mold-free. However, much mold ends up developing first in hidden areas, like behind the walls or above your ceiling tiles. If you just rely on sight, it may be a long time before the mold spreads enough to be visible. So, stay aware of what is going on in your home, and call a mold testing and inspection company if you notice any of these signs of potential mold growth.

1. Unexplained respiratory symptoms

Not every case of a stuffy nose or congestion is due to mold growth. Sometimes, you might have a cold, or you may be exposed to other allergens like pollen. However, if you have gone through the laundry list of possible causes of your respiratory symptoms and you just can't figure it out, this could be because you have hidden mold in your home. If the symptoms are worst when you are at home, that's another sign.

2. Strange, musty smells

If you've ever had moldy food in the fridge, then you know that mold has a general musty odor. Each species of mold smells a little different, but they all share that deep, dusty quality. If you have smelled this in your home—perhaps when the heat turns on and blows air through the room or maybe when you venture into a certain area—there is probably mold hiding somewhere.

3. Consistent moisture

If you have discovered a long-lasting plumbing leak or leak in your foundation, then there is probably mold somewhere. Mold loves moisture and warmth, and it would be rare for such a leak to go on for more than a few days without leading to mold growth somewhere. Many companies that offer water damage restoration also offer mold testing and inspections, so you can have both services completed at once.

4. Sick pets

Sometimes, a pet may be more sensitive to mold growth than the humans in the home. If your pet has been having allergy symptoms, such as itchy skin or sneezing, and your vet cannot find an explanation, hidden mold may be to blame. Have the areas where your pet sleeps most often checked out carefully.

Do not ignore these potential signs of mold in the home. Over time, exposure to mold can cause more serious illness and asthma, so it's important to address the issue as soon as possible.