Tips For Replacing An Old Ipod LCD Screen

If you have an older iPod that is not functioning properly, then it may be time to think about a repair. Most iPods need their LCD repaired. If you purchase it on your own, then you do have the option of making the repair yourself. However, there are many mistakes that you can make in the process. Avoid them with the following tips.

Understand The Part

Before you begin, you should know that front panel and LCD screen are the same part or piece. This is very different from iPhones, especially the newer ones. Basically, this means that you cannot simply replace the LCD without replacing the whole front part of the iPod.

When looking for parts to buy, purchase the front panel. This is what the replacement part is called and you will notice that it will appear to be about one-half the entire thickness of the iPod. Keep in mind that the electronic components attached to the front panel will not be included with the panel that you purchase. This means you will need to transfer these items to the panel when making the repair. 

To transfer the electronics, you will need some smaller screwdrivers. You can purchase special iPod or iPhone repair tools or you can use the ones that come in computer repair kits. Also, purchase a tool called an iPod opening tool or an Apple pry tool to help you with the removal of the front panel.

Release The Front Panel

The front panel of the iPod is help in place with a strong adhesive glue. Specifically, the glue holds the black front of the iPod to the silver part underneath. To release the adhesive, you will need to heat the glue and then pull the panel away from the base. A hairdryer is not typically hot enough for this, so use a heat gun instead. 

Use the gun on a low setting and start by targeting the area of the iPod around the home button. Target small areas for about five minutes and then use your tool prying tool to life the panel from the base. If you feel any resistance, then keep heating. The panel should release fairly easily.

At this time you can remove the screws and the metal part sitting over the logic board. Some people find it difficult to release the screen from the rest of the electronics. These parts are quite sensitive and can be damaged easily, so speak with a repair specialist if you are having difficulty. For more information, contact companies like iFixedQuick.