How To Keep Up HVAC Efficiency

If you're a homeowner who is constantly trying to keep down your utility bills, you might get frustrated with your HVAC system. It might seem like your heater and air conditioner are becoming less and less efficient over the years. As a result, you are running them at higher levels, using more electricity, and ending up with much higher utility bills. Luckily, you can often make your system much more efficient with some simple maintenance. This article explains some of the most vital HVAC maintenance jobs that you should take care. Some of these are jobs you can even do yourself.

Clean Air Ducts

Duct cleaning is not only important when it comes to the energy efficiency of your system. It will also contribute to the cleanliness of the air circulating throughout your house. This is a vital issue if you have anybody in your household who suffers from allergies. When it comes to energy efficiency, dirty ducts are going to result in reduced airflow, which is usually caused when dirt and dust clog the air registers. Duct cleaning is a job that you should leave to professionals because it requires special tools that you won't have.

Clean Boiler Filters

Another vital maintenance task is to always change your boiler filters in a timely manner. Many boiler filters will say what their suggested lifespan is. However, most homeowners don't change their filters within the recommended amount of time. Ultimately, a dirty filter is going to slow down air flow. Worst of all, it is going to cause many vital components within your HVAC system to get dirty more quickly. That is, more stress will be put on your heat pump, blower, and other vital electrical components because they will need to work harder to circulate air.

Furthermore, if the air is not being cleaned as it is sucked into the heat pump, it can seriously slow down the productivity of the heat pump. Basically, a healthy system needs to have a clean filter.

Many homeowners just pay HVAC technicians to replace their filters. They often have this done at the same time that they have their ducts cleaned. However, it is much smarter if you simply buy filters in bulk and keep them on your property. This way, you can replace your dirty filters whenever necessary. Filters are cheap, and the replacement process is simple and doesn't even require any tools.

Making sure your filters and ducts are clean will result in a more efficient HVAC system. Contact a boiler installation professional for more tips.