A Look At How Fabric Is Restored After A House Fire Causes Soot And Smoke Damage

A home fire is devastating. Even if the flames are put out early and your home is spared major fire damage, the smoke and soot that floats through the air can damage the fabrics in your home. Considering you have towels, bedding, curtains, and clothing to name a few types of fabric items, the cleanup can be a big job. The solution is to call a fabric restoration services professional to dry clean the fabrics to get rid of odors and soot stains. Here's a look at how the process works:

The Initial Consultation

A professional comes to your home to assess the damage and determine the best way to proceed with the cleanup. Some items, such as towels and bedding, might be treated on the spot to remove smoke odors. Once that's done, you can start washing them in your home machine. Don't start washing any of your clothing or towels until they have been examined by a professional or you might lock the odor and stains into the fabric. The professional may take pictures of the items in your home for inventory purposes and then take them to the dry cleaning facility to process.

Soot Is Carefully Removed From The Fabric

Fabric restoration is a different process from regular dry cleaning. For one, many of the fabrics may be covered in soot. Soot is a problematic byproduct of a house fire. It wafts through the air and covers everything. Soot is acidic and oily. It can damage many of the surfaces in your home, including fabric. That's one reason you need to start the restoration process quickly while the soot stains can still be removed. Removing soot from fabric yourself is difficult because it is easy to rub it into the fabric and make the stains worse. It has to be lifted out before the dry cleaning process continues.

Smoke Odors Are Neutralized

The second problem a house fire causes with fabric is a smoke odor. Smoke odor is very difficult to get rid of. You'll need to have it removed from your curtains and furniture or your home will smell like smoke long after the house has been restored. Your clothing holds onto smoke odor too, even after it has been washed. A professional dry cleaner has methods for dealing with smoke including the use of ozone. After removal of soot and smoke odors, your fabrics can be cleaned, hung, and stored until your home is ready for them to return.

Restoration of the fabrics in your home can be a big job, but your insurance company might cover the cost. The dry cleaning company will probably work closely with your insurance agent to make the process go smoothly for you since you have many other concerns when your home has been damaged by fire.