Are You Ready For A Flood? 3 Steps To Take When Your Home Is Under Water

Now that summer is here, your mind is probably on vacations and warm-weather fun. However, now's the perfect time to start thinking winter. That cold, wet weather will be here before you know it. If you live in a region that experiences significant rainfall during the winter, your home may be at risk of flooding. Once your home has flooded, it's too late to prepare. If you don't know what to do after a flood, you may end up making costly – and potentially dangerous – mistakes. To help you avoid problems, here are three steps you should take if your home is flooded this winter.

Turn the Power Off Immediately

When your home is under water, it's hard to think about the safety precautions you need to take. Unfortunately, that can leave you at risk for serious injuries, especially if you rush into your home to assess the damage. If any of your electrical outlets have been exposed to water, you could be facing electrocution by wading into your home. Before you enter your home, make sure you turn the power off.

Locate the breaker box for your home; it's usually located on an exterior wall. Flip the main breaker to the "off" position, and then flip all the other breakers to the "off" position, as well. This will ensure that the power is off to your entire home. If you're not sure about the power, contact the electric company and ask them to send an emergency crew out to your home. They'll come out and turn the power off.

Take Pictures of the Damage

Once the power is off to your home, you'll need to go in and assess the damage. Once you're in your home, start taking pictures of the damage, especially of the water level. This is particularly important. You'll want to have pictures of the water level, before you start drying out your home. The water level will show your insurance company the extent of the damage. Be sure to take pictures of each room in the house, including all your personal belongings. It will be easier to get reimbursed for your losses if you're able to show your insurance company pictures of the items you lost.

Call for Assistance

If you've suffered significant damage due to flooding, don't try to clean up the mess by yourself. A professional restoration company will be able to secure your property, and ensure that your home is cleaned properly.